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Is my property suitable for a solar farm?

We often get contacted by people interested in leasing their property to a solar farm. While there are many factors to be considered, below are some of the key criteria that will help you decide if your property is suitable for a solar farm.

Suitability for Solar
Historically, solar farms were built in where the solar resource was strongest (think California). However, technological advances have made solar feasible just about anywhere. Some of the largest growth markets for solar are the upper Midwest and New England. Much of today’s solar development is driven by state-level incentives.

If you are interested in leasing your land to a solar farm, then one of the most important things you can do is study what solar projects are being built in your area, who is building them, what are the land requirements for these projects, etc.

Size of the property
Solar is very land intensive and requires large amounts of land. However, these land requirements vary greatly depending on your area. In general, solar farms require 5 – 10 acres of land per megawatt. Therefore, a 100-megawatt project in Texas or California would require between 500 – 1,000 acres of land. However, a 2-megawatt community solar project in New York may only require 20 acres. It’s important to understand what size projects are being built in your area and to calculate the rough land requirements.

Solar developers prefer flat, cleared land for solar development. While some new panel technologies are making it easier to build solar farms on hillier properties, it is more expensive and not preferable.

Permitting is a huge part of the development process. Are there any regulations that would prohibit a solar farm from being built on your property?

Proximity to the Existing Grid
Solar projects need to be tied into the existing grid. This is done via an existing substation or major transmission line. It costs upwards of $1 million per mile if a new interconnection line is required to connect a project to the substation. This is why proximity is so important. If you own a large parcel of land, adjacent to a substation or major transmission line in an area with active solar development, then it is likely that you have a desirable property.

Renewable Land is a leader in acquiring wind and solar leases. Please call us today if you are interested in receiving a free valuation of your lease or have other questions.

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