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We help solar developers realize extra value and maximize their project economics by entering into sale-leaseback transactions for the land under their projects.  Advantages to solar developers include:

  • Land is not eligible for the ITC.  Leasing land maximizes the project’s eligible basis
  • Land is a large up-front cost that must be realized prior to when a project is operating and generating revenue.  By partnering with Renewable Land, you amortize this cost over time via lease payments
How it works:
  • We are typically brought in several months prior to notice-to-proceed (NTP).  At this point we price the transaction and negotiate terms.  If acceptable, we enter into a letter of intent
  • Most often, we close on the land at NTP and concurrently enter into a lease with your project company.  This ensures that you retain site control throughout the entire process
  • Through a bilateral lease negotiation, tenants are ensured that they have satisfactory lease terms, site control, etc.
Land Available for Lease:

We own over 500,000 acres of land throughout the United States through our affiliated entities.  Much of this land is highly desirable for renewable energy development.  We have already leased 25,000 acres of land to solar projects.  The principals of Renewable Land are the controlling partners of these other entities and have full authority to enter into leases on these properties.  Please contact us today for information on our land available for lease.

Structures Offered

We have developed a variety of structures to help you achieve your personal objectives.

Why Us

Unparalleled Experience

The principals of Renewable Land have closed over 200 solar, wind, and storage ground lease transactions – more than anyone else in the industry.

Ease of Transacting

Transactions with Renewable Land are quick and easy.  We clearly establish deal terms and expectations up front, honor terms and timelines, document transactions with concise and straightforward contracts, and utilize eSign technology.

Independent Counterparty

Renewable Land is an independent real estate investment company, not a renewable energy project developer or investor. As passive lessors, our interests are aligned with project owners. We will never compete for sites with developers or project owners.

All Cash Offers

Most of our offers are made all-cash and without financing contingencies.

Land Available for Lease

Are you looking for land for your next renewable energy project? We have over 500,000 acres of land available for lease. Much of this land is suitable for renewable energy projects and we have already leased approximately 25,000 acres to solar farms. Contact us today for additional information on leasing opportunities.

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