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The principals of Renewable Land have acquired over 100 properties leased to solar farms.  We have worked with dozens of renewable developers and private landowners.  We offer a variety of structures ranging from acquiring your entire property to just acquiring your lease.


Over the past decade, we have acquired dozens of wind leases.  During this time, we have developed a number of structures to help our clients achieve their goals.  These structures include:

  • Wind lease buyout: acquiring your entire wind income stream.  You will get the highest price when you sell both your base rent and royalty payment
  • Only acquiring your base rent.  You will typically get the highest multiple when you only sell your base rent.  That is because base rent payments don’t vary year-to-year.  In this structure, you to continue to collect and realize the upside associated with the royalty payment
  • Acquire your entire property.  We acquire entire properties with wind revenue on them

Battery Storage

Renewable Land is one of the few real estate investment firms with experience acquiring land under stand-alone battery storage facilities.  Developers of battery storage projects face unique real estate challenges.  Projects are often in urban areas where land is expensive and option periods are insufficient to fully diligence a project.  We have programs to help you address these challenges and secure the best sites.

Structures Offered

We have developed a variety of structures to help you achieve your personal objectives.

Why Us

Unparalleled Experience

The principals of Renewable Land have closed over 200 solar, wind, and storage ground lease transactions – more than anyone else in the industry.

Ease of Transacting

Transactions with Renewable Land are quick and easy.  We clearly establish deal terms and expectations up front, honor terms and timelines, document transactions with concise and straightforward contracts, and utilize eSign technology.

Independent Counterparty

Renewable Land is an independent real estate investment company, not a renewable energy project developer or investor. As passive lessors, our interests are aligned with project owners. We will never compete for sites with developers or project owners.

All Cash Offers

Most of our offers are made all-cash and without financing contingencies.

Land Available for Lease

Are you looking for land for your next renewable energy project? We have over 500,000 acres of land available for lease. Much of this land is suitable for renewable energy projects and we have already leased approximately 25,000 acres to solar farms. Contact us today for additional information on leasing opportunities.

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